Council & Committee Meeting Dates

Agendas and Minutes for all committee meetings can be found under The Council / Meetings and Minutes. Everybody is most welcome to attend any council meeting to listen as a member of the public.  All meetings are held in the Town Council office.  Should you have a question or wish to access the meetings, please contact the Clerk at least 48 hours before the meeting date.

Civil Calendar for Committee and Town Council Meetings – Meeting Dates 2023

All Finance & General Purposes committee, Open Spaces committee, Planning committee, Traffic & Highways committee and Full Council meetings start at 7pm.

Committees and Representatives of the Town Council

Finance and General Purposes

Alan Copus (Chair), Michael Peet, Neville Fox & Liz Singleton.

Planning Committee

Simon Atkins (Chair), Liz Singleton, Patricia Hewlett, Juliet Fynes, Richard Mayger & Jo Truscott.

Open Spaces Committee

Michael Peet (Chair), Patricia Hewlett, Alan Copus, Jim Scallon, Jennifer Thorpe & Daisy Daynes.

Traffic & Highways Committee

Neville Fox (Chair), Jim Scallon, Juliet Fynes, Richard Mayger, Alan Copus, Gemma Evans & Liz Singleton.

County and District Councillors

Our West Sussex Councillor is Mrs. Janet Duncton

and our (Petworth Ward) Chichester District Councillor is Ms. Harsha Desai