A Motorbike Noise & Anti Social Riding Task Force has been established at a County level with the involvement of local MP’s, the police and motorbike organisations as well as all Town and Parish Councils in the region.  This is in recognition of the fact that the problem is regional and not just local and that individual Town and Parish councils have few powers to significantly improve the problem.

The problems with motorbikes were brought to a head on May 24th when an unacceptable level of antisocial riding and noise led to a huge disruption and great distress to residents. It was clear that this issue extended across the whole of the A272.

Establishing reliable data on the extent and location of the problem is crucial for police to prioritise enforcement measures.  Residents experiencing specific incidents of antisocial riding are asked to report details to the police with copy to Petworth Town Council.  Please provide as much information as possible especially date, time, location (road number), nature of the offence, number of vehicles and if possible registration number.  The Task force will be investigating ways to improve reporting as one of its first priorities and is aware that the current system is not ideal.

The Task Force will be meeting every 2 weeks and further measures will be announced in due course.