Application Successful - December 2022

Petworth Town Council (PTC) has been informed that our Community Highways Scheme (CHS) Application for Petworth Town to be designated a 20 mph Zone, has been successful conditional on Full Council approval, which is expected in January 2023.

The CHS process used by WSCC Highways is a ‘prioritised approach’ whereby community requests are considered by assessment against a pre-determined scoring matrix and the resulting scores are prioritised to establish a forward programme.  Our application has been shortlisted for the 2023/24 programme, subject to approval at a full County Council meeting which is expected in January 2023.

The scheme will be designed by WSCC Highways in 2023/24 and should be built in 2024/25 as long as a technically compliant and affordable design can be agreed, and there are no unforeseen problems. The initial design phase includes a formal process of public consultation and legal orders.

This is a long process, but on the positive side it will enable full consultation with residents not just on the principle of a 20 mph Zone but also on the design details, especially the starting locations for the Zone on North St, Angel St and Grove Lane.

PTC will post regular updates on the town council website and in Petworth Pages and will arrange an initial town meeting for a suitable date in 2023.