IBP 2021 Cover

Petworth Town Council published the first issue of the Petworth Infrastructure Business Plan (PIBP) in January 2021. The purpose of the IBP is to identify, document and prioritise projects in the community; to enable a clear programme & structure for delivery of those projects & to bring together and utilise the resources available to us in the community.

The PIBP has been made available for, and will reflect, public comment as received so please make the Town Council aware of any projects that you or your organisation wish to consider, support or initiate.

The plan is available under the community tab of the Town Council’s website.

PTC and the Working Group will be updating the plan in June/ July 2021 and again in November/December 2021, in readiness for submission to the South Downs National Park before January 2022.

For further details or to suggest a future project please contact the Town Clerk by email clerk@petworth-tc.gov.uk or by phone 01798 344883