Local buses

Compass Bus Route 99: Petworth, Chichester (Flexible Service) Mondays to Saturday.

Compass Bus Route 99A: Petworth, Chichester. Sundays


Stagecoach buses serve Petworth to Midhurst, Storrington, Worthing Horsham and further afield


Petworth Town Council have been informed about the following changes to bus services which are to take place towards the end of April 2017.

Stagecoach 9 Shoreham – Worthing – Littlehampton (from 30 April)

Extended hourly from Littlehampton to Arundel replacing service 700 on this section (see below). On Sundays service 9 introduced between Littlehampton and Arundel only.

Compass Travel 11 Worthing – Worthing College (from 24 April)

This commercial service is withdrawn due to low passenger numbers.

Compass Travel 12 Littlehampton Town Bus (from 24 April)

This service is funded by developer contributions and Littlehampton Town Council. From April 2017 the funding will come from two new developments at Courtwick and North Littlehampton, and the service will be completed revised to serve these areas. Renumbered 15, the route will run between Littlehampton Swimming Centre, Town Centre, North Littlehampton and Courtwick, no longer serving Littlehampton Tesco, Rustington Shops or Rustington Sainsburys.

Compass Travel 30 Haywards Heath Town Service (from 24 April)

Route revised with some daytime journeys running via Backwoods Lane.

Stagecoach 56 Old Bosham – Arundel Park (from 23 April)

0655 Old Bosham to Chichester journey withdrawn due to low patronage. Alternative bus/rail journeys exist for affected passengers. Route and timetable simplified, with little used diversions via Orchard Street and Bosham Primary School withdrawn.

Compass Travel 66/67 Bognor Regis – Yapton/Glenwood (from 24 April)

Route revised to run in both directions via Walberton, minor revisions to timetable.

Compass Travel 69 Plaistow – Worthing (Tues & Thurs)/(from 24 April)

Service on Thursdays extended to start in Alfold, minor revisions to timetable

Compass Travel 71 Storrington – Pulborough – Chichester (Wednesdays)/(from 24 April)

Route revised to run via Bury Coombe Crescent and direct to Slindon & Chichester instead of via Arundel.

Compass Travel 72/73 Pulborough – Ashington (Mons & Fris)/(from 24 April)

Amberley to Storrington part of service incorporated into revised 74/74A, the other under used parts of the route will be withdrawn.

Service 74/74A/75 Petworth/Storrington – Horsham (from 24 April)

Under used peak hour journeys from Petworth to Billingshurst and Horsham and v.v. withdrawn, off peak service revised incorporating parts of services 72, 73, 89 & 108.

Compass Travel 89 Horsham – Haywards Heath (from 24 April)

Diversion on Saturdays via Maplehurst withdrawn and replaced by revision to service 74/74A.

Compass Travel 93/96 Midhurst area villages shopping service (Tues & Fris)/(from 24 April)

To run on Fridays only due to low passenger numbers.

Compass Travel 106 Henfield – Worthing (Tues & Weds)/(from 24 April)

This commercial service will run additionally on Fridays

Compass Travel 108: Shoreham – Horsham (Wednesdays Only)/(from 24 April)

This service is withdrawn – nearly all existing passengers will have alternatives on other routes. Shipley, Maplehurst and Nuthurst will continue to have a shopping bus to Horsham on revised services 74/74A/74B.

Compass Travel 150: West Itchenor – Selsey (Mons, Weds & Fris)/(from 24 April)

Service reduced to operate on Tuesdays only due to low passenger numbers. Most existing passengers are within easy reach of alternative services.

Metrobus 270 East Grinstead – Haywards Heath – Brighton (from 29 April)

Sunday service introduced with 3-4 journeys each way.

Metrobus 272 Crawley – Haywards Heath – Brighton (from 29 April)

Route revised in Crawley Down to operate via Station Road instead of Burleigh Way. Saturday service extended from Haywards Heath to Brighton.

Stagecoach 700 Brighton – Littlehampton – Arundel (from 30 April)

Route revised to run between Brighton and Littlehampton Wick Estate only. Section of route between Littlehampton and Arundel transferred to service 9, see above.