Petworth Town Council has a number of working groups in place to deliver specific projects, events and plans. The working groups include Councillors and other volunteers from across the community. They all have a terms of reference which details their purpose and provides a formalised scope within which they operate. They sit beneath the committee structure of the Town Council and make recommendations where relevant.

The working groups currently in place are as follows:

Infrastructure Business Plan:

The purpose of the working group is to produce a plan to identify and record new facilities and infrastructure that maybe required in the Town to support new development as noted in the Town’s Neighbourhood Plan.

Group membership: Cllr S Atkins, Cllr M Peet, Cllr R Mayger, Cllr G Evans and representatives from numerous Petworth based business and community groups.

Planting & Horticulture:

The planting & horticulture working group oversee all planting & horticulture within Petworth including the Town Council’s entry to the In Bloom competition.

Group membership: Cllr P Hewlett, Cllr J Thorpe, Cllr D Daynes, Cllr R Harris, Cllr S Cooke, Cllr G Evans, Jean Orrow, Charlotte Hamilton & Maggie South.

New Premises & Community Hub:

This working group is in place to oversee the location of the Town Council offices, currently based in The Old Bakery, Golden Square; and to develop plans for a Community Hub in Petworth, where local services can be provided & delivered in partnership with a variety of different stakeholders.

Group membership: Cllr J Thorpe, Cllr E Singleton, Cllr A Copus, Cllr P Hewlett, Cllr R Mayger, Cllr S Atkins, Cllr G Evans & Cllr D Daynes.

Sports & Physical Activity:

This working group is leading the development of a 10 year plan for sports & physical activity in Petworth; outcomes of which are likely to include better access to an increased variety of recreational sports & physical activity opportunities at Petworth Park Sports Ground, improved facilities at Petworth Park Sports Ground and decreased levels of physical inactivity in Petworth.

Group membership: Cllr M Peet, Cllr J Thorpe, Cllr A Copus, Cllr R Mayger, Cllr S Cooke, Alex Rees & Robert Muir.

Christmas Event:

The Christmas Event is a hugely popular part of the Petworth calendar and there is a great deal of effort required in order to provide it each year. Representatives on this working group deliver many elements of the Christmas Event, ensuring it is as safe and welcoming as possible.

Group membership: Cllr A Copus, Cllr E Singleton, Cllr J Truscott, Cllr R Harris, Cllr S Cooke, Cllr G Evans and numerous representatives from Petworth based community groups.


The Visitors working group liaises closely with stake holders across the Town including the National Trust and the Petworth Business Association to encourage more visitors to the Town and to maximise their time in Petworth.

Group membership: Cllr J Fynes, Cllr J Thorpe & Cllr E Singleton.

Farmers Market:

The Farmers Market takes place on the 4th Saturday of every month. This working group oversees the safe & successful delivery of the Farmers Market and deliver the logistics required each month.

Group membership: Cllr M Peet, Cllr D Daynes, Cllr R Harris, Cllr S Cooke, Simon Teesdale & Alistair Baldwin.


The staffing group oversees all staffing and HR matters on behalf of the Town Council, making recommendations to Full Council for consideration.

Group membership: Chair of Finance & General Purposes Committee, Chair of Traffic & Planning Committee, Chair of Open Spaces, Cllr E Singleton & Cllr J Thorpe.

Winter Support:

The Winter Support working group oversees and co-ordinates the support of vulnerable people in the town, as well as those in need during the Winter months.

Group membership: Cllr E Singleton, Cllr J Scallon & Cllr J Truscott.